Galleria lavori


Via di San Rocco n° 3, 04010 Rocca Massima (LT)


The issue of the redevelopment and requalification of the existing building stock is of key importance in a country such as Italy, where large tracts of land are now concerned by reckless overbuilding and concreting.

The focus, therefore, should be on the renovation and refurbishment of obsolete interiors, dating back to periods dominated by different and distant tastes and lifestyles, unquestionably an exciting challenge for our practice. A significant portion of our work, in fact, consists in achieving the best possible results in interior renovation, to improve the market value of properties and restore that contemporary feel that has been gradually lost over the years.

Our goal is to create light, bright and airy interiors, as opposed to the claustrophobic gloomy spaces resulting from excessive partitioning, according to old-fashioned interior design and construction principles. The entire house should be open to the eye and the lives of the people who live there, fostering a dynamic and contemporary lifestyle.

However, the materials we use to give form and shape to these new interior spaces are the crude and primal materials of tradition: wood, stone and brick. Materials that bring back cosy memories and timeless atmospheres. Warm and essential lighting can highlight the spaces and outline the functional areas, with precision and discretion.