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Via di San Rocco n° 3, 04010 Rocca Massima (LT)


Projects Category: Interior

The theme of reuse and therefore of the requalification of the existing building heritage is of primary importance in a country like ours where the wild overbuilding has consumed a large part of the territory. The challenge that this theme poses to us, namely the recovery of obsolete interiors, born in other eras and for other models of life now distant from the contemporary one, is among the most stimulating. The search for the maximum achievable result in the redevelopment of an interior, which returns it to the market and to a contemporaneity lost over time, absorb an important portion of our business. The goal is to obtain new environments that are as large and bright as possible, which have the ability to react to the claustrophobic subdivision into small spaces, the daughter of an old and provincial housing model. The entire house must offer itself entirely to the sight and life of its users, offering a dynamic and contemporary lifestyle. The materials that design the new spaces, however, are the material and primordial ones of tradition: wood, stone, terracotta, materials that refer to intimate and ancient memories. The warm and essential lighting emphasizes the spaces and defines the functional areas with precision and discretion.