Galleria lavori


Via di San Rocco n° 3, 04010 Rocca Massima (LT)


Our design and research concept is based on the observation of the models and traditional materials present in each project location, in order to produce buildings that speak a contemporary language, but with roots firmly planted in the past.

Our design method features a minimal approach, focusing on the subtraction of elements, which results in pure volumes that interact “classically” in space and functional layouts inspired by the essential nature of rural buildings, consciously underscored by the influence of the Modern Movement on today’s architecture.

The “materials” we use are traditional: stone, wood, steel. Thus, the combination of pure forms and traditional materials, according to the standards of contemporary architecture, are aimed at recuperating the essence of our architectural culture and attempting to stem the tide of “ugly” architecture and tasteless kitsch, which are destroying our landscape and culture, with a view to and as a means for highlighting an alternative – more sensitive and consistent – model.